As described below PDS implemented its “Community Extension Awards Program” to recognize the positive actions of its employees . These actions may be work related, as in exceptional performance, or simply a good deed recognized by another employee.

PDS rewards these actions by making a donation in the employee’s name to the charitable organization of their choice. The simple premise behind the program is that positive actions beget more such deeds, and as a company that benefits from the efforts of it’s employees, we have the moral obligation to see that community we belong to benefits as well.

Community Extension Awards Program

Just as all buildings are built one small step at a time, great events build from the small conscious acts of will and unconscious examples, that each of us have the opportunity to do every day.

Every small act beyond that which is expected, reverberates across great distances and spans of time, affecting lives unknown to the source of the originator, until a simple courtesy becomes an act of selfless courage years later and far away.

Since acts with a positive impact are passed on and grow each time that they are passed on, PDS Engineering & Construction, Inc. wants to extend the reach of what many of you do naturally at work out into the community, by rewarding these acts with a small donation that you control.

PDS is looking to acknowledge and amplify those actions that go beyond the expected, that encourage others to do the same, that build a team work environment, and make PDS and our community the better for it. Anyone who observes another employee that has performed in a manner that exemplifies theses characteristics, can nominate that employee to their direct supervisor for an Community Extension Award. Those approved, will be awarded a gift for donation to a charity of their preference.

Donations for each award will be made in the employees name once a year for the total amount contributed to each charity. Charities receiving Community Extension Gifts will receive a letter with the check explaining who the gift is from and the nature of its origin.

While PDS encourages donations to the charity of your choice, if no charity is selected for an award or, if in the opinion of PDS management, the organization selected does not follow with the spirit of the program in providing beneficial services to a worthy cause, then PDS has the right to make a selection on the employees behalf.

Additionally contributions to political campaigns or organizational dues on behalf an individual can not be made as part of this program.

Ron Jodice May 1, 2001
PDS Engineering & Construction, Inc.

Portions of this text excerpted from Dean Koontz’s “From the Corner of His Eye”

Below is a sample listing of the charitable organizations that our employees have directed contributions to through our “Community Extension Awards Program.”


Alex’s Lemonade Stand
American Cancer Society
Bret H. Chernik Amputee Foundation
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
East Windsor Basketball League
Windsor American Legion Baseball
Burlington Mens Club Scholarship Fund
Christian Life Assembly Building Fund
Community Kitchen of Torrington

CT Eye Bank
Dana Farber Cancer Institute in memory of Mary K.
East Windsor Youth Basketball
Guide Dogs for the Blind
South Windsor Police DARE Program
St Joseph’s Church
St. Francis of Assisi Building Fund
Wapping Community Church – Youth Group